Past Colloquia

Converging On Cognition

This type of session presents and reviews research efforts by the membership, with discussants who may have differing points of view. The session is structured so that the research under discussion is briefly reviewed, with written details provided prior to the meeting. Most of the session is devoted to exploring such things as what the results mean, both with respect to advancing theory, and how they may be applied across discipline boundaries.  

State of the Field Tutorial

These meetings are designed to help the membership stay up to date with topics that are related to one’s work, but not one’s main area of expertise. We look to experts within the membership to provide these tutorials to the extent that is possible. These meetings are the forum for members of ICS to identify topics that "I always wanted to know more about…" or "what’s been happening lately in XYZ field." 

Poster Session

ICS members save the posters that they make for various presentations throughout the year for the annual year-end ICS fiesta and poster session, where the membership can discuss the work informally with the investigators.

Colloquia by ICS Membership

There is some exciting work being done by our own members, and the colloquia are a forum for the membership to share their work with others.

Colloquia by Invited Speakers

Distinguished researchers in cognitive science are invited to spend a few days at CU-Boulder exchanging ideas with faculty and students. Among the scheduled events are a colloquium given in the core department representing the visitor’s fundamental area of expertise, and an ICS colloquium highlighting the speakers’ interdisciplinary work in cognitive science. Speakers from the business community represent another topic category for one of our colloquia.