Fall 2008 Population News Archive

The University of Colorado Population Center (CUPC) and Population Program recently funded five outstanding developmental grants, which totaled approximately $30,000.

These awards represent an invaluable way to support junior and senior faculty, fund graduate students, bridge programs, and encourage interdisciplinary research. The proposals grapple with central demographic issues and are quite likely to result in cutting-edge research contributions. The CUPC and Population Program Developmental Grant Review Committee which consisted of Lori Hunter and Jane Menken made the following awards to CUPC and Population Program affiliates (with their project titles in parentheses):

  • Francisca M. Antman, Department of Economics (How Does Adult Child Migration Affect Elderly Health? Evidence from Mexico);
  • Jason Boardman, Department of Sociology (Gene Environment Interplay in the Development of Antisocial Behavior);
  • Andrei Rogers, Department of Geography (The Indirect Estimation of Migration);
  • Tim Wadsworth, Rick Rogers, and Fred Pampel, Department of Sociology (Individual and Contextual Factors Contributing to Suicide Mortality); and
  • Daniel Sahleyesus Telake, Research Associate, Population Program, IBS (Monitoring Cause of Death Using Hospital Records in Addis Ababa).

The Population Program expects to make similar awards next year.

Lori Hunter was interviewed for "Earth and Sky," a syndicated radio broadcast that plays on a global network of 1600 radio outlets. The broadcast explores her collaborative research on HIV/AIDS and natural resources in rural South Africa, and over the next couple of months, the interview will be heard 12 million times across the globe. Podcast here..

Lori Hunter attended a meeting in Beijing at the Institute of Population Research at Peking University, November 20-22, 2008. The meeting was on Urbanization, Environment, and Development in China and she attended on behalf of the journal Population & Environment. The journal will be publishing a special issue on the associations between demographic dynamics and environmental factors in China based on research presented at the Beijing symposium.