Fall 2007 Problem Behavior News Archive

David Miklowitz received a $600,000 grant to fund a new study of family psychoeducational treatment from the National Institute of Mental Health. Dr. Kiki Chang of Stanford University is a co-principal investigator on the project. This study is to determine if early treatment of children with a high risk of developing bipolar disorder can help head off the disease's effects before they severely disrupt people's lives.

A podcast featuring Miklowitz discussing his bipolar disorder research can be heard on the Web at www.colorado.edu/news/podcasts/.

Read the entire news release here (pdf).

Kelly E. Knight presented a paper, "Assortative Mating for Antisocial Behavior", at the Annual Conference for The American Society of Criminology in Atlanta, GA, held November 14-17, 2007. Using data from the Rochester Youth Development Study, the paper showed that males but not females positively assortated on seven different measures of antisocial behavior.

Kelly is a Ph.D. graduate student in Sociology and Graduate Research Assistant in the Rochester Youth Development Study here in the Problem Behavior Program at IBS.