Spring 2008 Health & Society News Archive

Christie Sennott gave a presentation entitled Id Rather be Dead: An Investigation of the Personal and Societal Benefits of Housing People who are Chronically Homeless at the Midwest Sociological Society; March 2008 Annual Meeting in St. Louis, MO.
Christie Sennott is to be awarded a 2008 Beverly Sears Award from the CU Graduate School for her future research project entitled "The Impact of Childbearing on Partner Selection as a Regulation Strategy for HIV/AIDS Exposure in South Africa."

Jeff Dennis presented "Predictive Factors of Positive Birth Outcomes Among Adolescent Mothers," a paper co-authored with Stefanie Mollborn, at the Southwestern Social Science Annual meeting in Las Vegas, NV on March 13, 2008.

Congratulations to Christie Sennott, who won the 2008 Sociology AIDS Network (SAN) Scholarly Activity Award. The proposal she submitted describes a project aimed at investigating the relationship between gender, adolescent sexual behavior and fertility, and marriage on HIV/AIDS risk in rural South Africa utilizing a mixed-methods approach. The award was presented at the ASA 2008 meetings in Boston.

Several Health and Society people gave presentations this summer:

Stefanie Mollborn and Elizabeth Morningstar. Investigating the Relationship between Teenage Childbearing and Depression Using Longitudinal Evidence. American Sociological Association 2008 annual meeting, Boston, MA.

Paula Fomby, Stefanie Mollborn, and Christie Sennott. Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Effect of Family Instability on Adolescents' Behavior. American Sociological Association 2008 annual meeting, Boston, MA. (Project funded by a POP program pilot grant)

Stefanie Mollborn and Angela Hoekstra. Assessing a New Pedagogical Model for Clicker-Based Instruction in the Social Sciences. Society for the Study of Social Problems 2008 annual meeting, Boston, MA.

Stefanie Mollborn and Angela Hoekstra. Strategies for Using Clickers in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Colorado Learning and Teaching with Technology 2008 Conference, Boulder, CO.

IBS was well-represented at the Add Health Users Conference at NIH in late July. Jason Boardman was a coauthor for one of the plenary presentations, "Genetic Studies of Substance Use in Add Health: Progress and Pitfalls." Two papers by other IBS folks were presented in the session called "Sexuality: Contributors to Risk and Well-being": "The Correlates and Consequences of Incongruence in Parents' and Teens' Reports of Teens' Sexual Activity" by Stefanie Mollborn and Bethany Everett, and "The Dynamic Relationships between Sexual Minority Status and Health: A Longitudinal Analysis" by Bethany Everett. Bethany's presentation was especially well-received and generated a lot of interest from researchers and funding agencies.