Spring 2006 Health & Society News Archive

Dick Jessor and Jane Menken were in Italy and Turkey in late April and early May, 2006. Jessor was an invited speaker at the University of Bologna where he talked to a class in Health Psychology and then gave a public lecture on April 27 in the series "I giovedi di Psicologia" ( Psychology Thursdays") at the new branch of the university in Cesena. On May 4, Jessor served as discussant for an international symposium on "Personal and Social Correlates of Risk Behavior in Adolescence" at the Biennial Meeting of the European Association for Research on Adolescence (EARA), which was held in Antalya, Turkey. On May 5, he presented a keynote address at the meeting. And, on May 9th and 10th, Jessor lectured to an undergraduate class and a graduate class in Developmental Psychology at the University of Torino.