Spring 2004 Health & Society News Archive

March 22-26, 2004:Richard Jessor gave an invited lecture at the University of Torino, Italy as part of the 600th anniversary celebration of the founding of the university. The lecture took place in the Aula Magna, and faculty and students as well as interested townspeople were in attendance. During the week in which he was the university's guest Jessor gave several informal talks in the Laboratory of Developmental Psychology and consulted with faculty and graduate students about their research. Jessor's colleagues at the Laboratory recently published a research monograph which is based on Problem-Behavior Theory and employs a translated version of the questionnaire developed by Jessor and colleagues Fran Costa and Mark Turbin. The monograph,"Adolescenti e Rischio", (Firenze:Giunti,2003) has a Foreword (Presentazione) by Jessor.

Richard Jessor, Jane Menken and Sam Clark attended the 4th INDEPTH Network Annual General and Scientific Meeting in Hanoi May 2-8, 2004, hosted by the Hanoi Medical University and its INDEPTH member site, Filabavi (Field Laboratory at Bavi). The Network consists of 36 demographic surveillance sites in 19 developing countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Menken chairs the Scientific Advisory Committee, which held several meetings in Hanoi. She also presented a paper by Randall Kuhn, Menken, and Omar Rahman entitled "A Longitudinal Analysis of Health and Mortality in a Migrant-Sending Region of Bangladesh."

Jessor was invited to speak on "Protective Factors in Adolescent Risk Behavior & Development: Theoretical Framework and Research Findings from China and the U.S." Clark heads the Zambia INDEPTH site and is a member of the steering committee of the Data Systems Working Group, which met in Hanoi to plan its work for the coming year. Kuhn is a member of the Advisory Committee for the INDEPTH Migration Working Group.