Fall 2009 Health & Society News Archive

Devon Thacker and Stef Mollborn presented research based on a collaborative project with Janet Jacobs and Leith Lombas at a conference in early October, 2009, organized by the Colorado Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting, and Prevention, called Raising the Bar: Putting the Promise to Practice in Adolescent Reproductive Health and Supporting Young Families. The presentation was titled, "Colorado Teen Parents Talk about the Resources They Have, Want, and Need."

Congratulations to Christie Sennott, who passed her specialty comp, entitled "Sexual Behavior, Fertility, and HIV/AIDS in South Africa."

Stef Mollborn was elected to the council of the Pacific Sociological Association for a two-year term.

Jason Boardman was in Bethesda Friday, Nov 20, where he gave a talk in the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research Lecture Series at the National Institutes of Health Campus in Bethesda. His talk was entitled, "The Challenges and Opportunities of Interdisciplinary Research: The Case of Genetics and Demography." A brief description of the lecture series can be found here: http://obssr.od.nih.gov/news_and_events/lectures_and_seminars/BSSR_lecture_series/seminars.aspx

Devon Thacker successfully defended her dissertation proposal, titled "Mandatory Arrest Laws: A Case Study of Colorado."

Congratulations to Christie Sennott successfully defended her dissertation proposal, entitled, "Childbearing and Motherhood in the Context of HIV/AIDS in South Africa." Christie is off to South Africa for 6 months, where she will be teaching Introduction to Population Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand from February 1 - March 12th and collecting qualitative data for her dissertation from January 7 - June 22, 2010.