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Thursday, Dec 5, 2013 ~ "Recasting Our Understanding of Problem Behavior: Building a New Vision" Delbert Elliott and Beverly Kingston, Problem Behavior and Positive Youth Development Program The first in a series of meetings to further inform IBS personnel about each IBS Research Program.

Thursday, Dec 12, 2013 ~ "Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Production and the Web of Population in the U.S. Great Plains" Myron Gutmann, Ph.D., Professor of History and Information, University of Michigan, Visiting Scientist, IBS, University of Colorado Boulder Historical agricultural census data and ecosystem models are used to estimate the magnitude of annual greenhouse gas fluxes from all agricultural sources—cropping, livestock raising, irrigation, fertilizer production, and tractor use—from 1870 to 2000, and new questions are asked about the role of population, especially by estimating the role of domestic lawns and other non-agricultural activities.