Spring 2004 Environment & Society News Archive

Lori Hunter has been appointed Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for a 1-year term. Co-funded through the Leadership Education for Advancement and Promotion program (LEAP), this position focuses on the development and implementation of a program of activities in interdisciplinary education. Specifically, Hunter aims to continue working on the development of a campus-wide initiative integrating environment social science and humanities.

Lori Peek, who was selected as one of the 2003-04 Fellows for the Center for the Humanities and the Arts program, presented her paper "Constructing the Enemy during Times of Crisis" at the CHA War Colloquium on March 5, 2004, in Boulder, Colorado.

March 29-30, 2004: Lori Hunter and Wayne Twine presented "HIV/AIDS Mortality and Household Strategies with regard to Natural Resources in Rural South Africa" at the 2nd annual Wits-Colorado-Brown Workshop on Emerging Issues in Population Studies in Providence, RI.

Lori Hunter attended the annual meeting of the Population Association of America in Boston, MA, April 2-5. She presented a paper, Household Strategies in the Face of Resource Scarcity: Are They Associated with Development Priorities? and an invited paper, Environmental Hazards and Migration.

Kathleen Tierney and Lori Peek were invited to present at the National Science Foundation funded "Disaster Research and the Social Sciences: Lessons Learned and Future Trajectories Conference" at the University of Delaware (April 30-May 1, 2004). Tierney participated on the panel dedicated to "Establishing a Research Agenda: Critical Areas and Issues." Peek was invited to present on the panel that discussed "The Role of Research Centers in Training the Next Generation: Transforming the Field of Disaster Research."

Lori Peek attended the Disaster Resistant California Conference in Sacramento, California (May 3-5, 2004) and presented her paper titled: "Backlash Mitigation Plan: Protecting Ethnic and Religious Minorities Following a Terrorist Attack."

In May, 2004 Nick Flores traveled to Alexandria, VA with Chuck Howe to participate in a workshop sponsored by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources. The workshop is part of an ongoing project to develop a book that will be titled "Water Resources Development: Recent Trends in the Decision-Making Process."

On June 1, 2004 Gilbert White presented to the Boulder City Council the final report of the Independent Review Panel (IRP) on problems of floodplain and related watershed management. Mary Fran Myers, who had served as a member of the IRP since its inception eight years earlier, signed the document shortly before her death. The IRP had recommended a variety of municipal actions, including measures on Two Mile Creek, a major revision of South Boulder Creek hydrology estimates, and education of Boulder citizens on efficient response to flood warnings and opportunities for "flood proofing" against potential damage. Its general recommendations had been included in the new City floodplain and watershed program.

June 17, 2004: The International Water Association announced that Gilbert White has been appointed to the editorial Board of its monthly journal, Water International.

Lee Alston organized and will participate in the National Bureau of Economic Research Summer Institute 2004: Development of the American Economy. The meetings will be in Cambridge, Massachusetts July 26-August 1, during the Democratic National Convention. Until then, he will be in New York City lending a hand with curriculum enhancement for high school teachers put on under the auspices of the Foundation for Teaching Economics.