Fall 2005 Environment & Society News Archive

Congratulations to Lori Hunter, faculty research associate, on her promotion to Associate Professor with tenure.

IBS and the Natural Hazards Center have established a new Gilbert F. White website: http://www.colorado.edu/hazards/gfw. The site is intended to document Gilbert's long and distinguished career, provide a brief portrait of him as a renaissance scholar and humanist, and serve as a source of information for friends, students, scholars, and others regarding his work.

Chuck Howe gave a talk, "A Look at Global Water Issues," at a public seminar sponsored by the Colorado River Water Conservation District September 30th in Grand Junction. Howe looked at the broader picture of water-related problems and prospects around the world, emphasizing similarities to Colorado issues. Points covered in the talk were safe drinking water and sanitation, problems of irrigated agriculture, conflict and cooperation in river basins shared among states and countries, and the potential for water markets to help solve these problems.

Since Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast at the end of August, the Natural Hazards Center has had nearly a hundred requests for interviews from around the world. Kathleen Tierney, director of the Natural Hazards Research and Applications Information Center, has appeared on NPR's Face the Nation, The Newshour with Jim Lehrer, and radio and television shows from coast-to-coast. A partial list of the Center's public appearances is included here. Tierney is also cited in newspapers around the world on the Hurricane Katrina disaster:

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