Spring 2007 Computing & Research Services News Archive

Jani Little attended the IPUMS Winter Workshop at the Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN, Jan 10-12, 2007.

The workshop provided indepth exposure and training in the use of the products developed by the Minnesota Population Center. These include:

  • The National Historic GIS portal to historical U.S. Census geographic data
  • The Integrated Public Use Micro Surveys for the U.S, the Health Interview Series, the CPS, and the ACS
  • The North Atlantic Population Project for electronic access to complete records for censuses prior to and including 1930
  • The Integrated Public Use Micro Surveys for International Censuses

Jani Little attended the Computer Directors Meeting at the Annual Meeting of the Population Association of American in New York, March 29-31.

The meeting focused on disaster recovery strategies, the optimum physical environments for servers, integrated web services software for facilitating collaboration between colleagues from different institutions, optimizing email services for population centers, and securing sensitive data and enforcing sensitive data agreements.

Tom Dickinson and Nancy Thorwardson were co-authors and created maps, charts, and illustrations for a special issue of Eurasian Geography and Economics, March-April, 2007, edited by John O'Loughlin.

Tom Dickinson and Nancy Thorwardson provided technical help with creating maps and illustrations for Bill Travis' 2007 book, "New Geographies of the American West: Land Use and the Changing Patterns of Place". (April 2007)