Spring 2004 Computing & Research Services News Archive

The CRS computer lab is up and running with the new computers donated by ITS.

Lab computers are equipped with:
Windows 2000
Office XP
Standard Utilities (Aladdin Expander, Acrobat Reader, and StatTransfer)
Statistical Software (SPSS, Stata, SAS, and Splus)
GIS Software (ArcView and ArcGIS)
Spatial Statistics Software (SpaceStat and Geographically Weighted Regression)
Qualitative Data Analysis Software (Nivo 2.0, formerly Nudist)

The U.S. Census 2000 Public Use Microdata Sample: 5-Percent Sample is now available for all 50 states. You can download the data and documentation files from ICPSR directly, or you can request customized data extractions from IPUMS. (http://www.ipums.umn.edu/usa/)

New Worm on Campus:

The MyDoom or Novarg worm (along with a few other names) continues to affect the campus. This is a major outbreak. Here’s what you can do to prevent infection:

1) Immediately delete,without opening, any messages with unexpected .zip attachments or messages with attachments and subject lines like HELLO, HI, Status, Sent, or Mail delivery failure.

2) Continue to update your operating system because new patches are being developed constantly. For step-by-step instructions... http://www.colorado.edu/its/docs/hardwaresoftware/windowsupdate.html

3) Learn about ITS recommended general security precautions. Click here http://www.colorado.edu/ITS/security/desktop.html

4) If you have any questions, please contact 5-HELP, or IBS computer support persons Gabe Westmaas and Vinod Madabushi

For the most up-to-date campus information about this worm, click here http://www.colorado.edu/its/news/facstaff.html.

The ICPSR Summer Program provides training facilities in basic and advanced techniques of quantitative social analysis.

The catalog for the 2004 ICPSR Summer Program can be found at http://www.icpsr.umich.edu/sumprog/

Because CU is a member of ICPSR, faculty, staff, and students are entitled to a significant cost reduction in tuition for the ICSPR Summer Program. In addition, CU receives a very small stipend to offset the travel cost to Ann Arbor, MI.

If you are interested please check out the website, and if you want to register you can apply on-line.

Vinod Madabushi is now providing computer support for people in IBS #9 and #10 on a part-time basis. The best way to reach Vinod is by email, or call (303)735-3655. People in all other IBS buildings may contact Gabe Westmaas for computer support. He also works on a part-time basis. The best way to reach Gabe is by email, or call (303)492-2148.

Online Data Collection Capabilities for IBS:

Online data collection is a very efficient and manageable option for IBS research projects. CRS recently designed and implemented a prototype for online data collection, based on a complex social-psychological study of family relationships. For more information, please contact Jani Little.

Jani Little attended the Population Association of America Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts April 1-3, 2004. She participated in the Computer Center Directors Meeting and attended a workshop on "Census in the Classroom."

New Web Services:

CRS would like to build and/or update the home pages for IBS researchers. Please contact Jani Little or Tom Dickinson to take advantage of this service.