Fall 2004 Computing & Research Services News Archive

New Statistical Advisor:

CRS is very pleased to announce that Jarron Saint Onge has joined the CRS Help Desk team. Jarron is a graduate student in Sociology with an emphasis in Demography. He is very experienced with SAS and Stata, and his research interests include various health outcomes, contextual effects, and multi-level modeling.

Upgrades to Computer Lab:

New releases of Stata (8.00) and S-PLUS (6.2) were recently installed on all CRS lab computers. The new release of Stata features GLLAMM, which is especially valuable for estimating multilevel models with binary outcomes. S-PLUS is the only CU site-licensed statistical package with tree regression and classification analysis.

On August 2-6, 2004 Jani Little attended a workshop sponsored by the Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science (CSISS) at San Diego State University on Spatial Analysis and GIS for Undergraduate Course Enhancement in the Social Sciences.

New Antivirus Solution:

There is a new antivirus solution available to all CU students and employees, free of charge for office and home computers. It is called CUAntivirus, and CRS will be testing it to ensure that it meets the needs of IBS users. Once CUAntivirus is fully tested, CRS will begin installation throughout IBS.

In the meantime, IBS has extended its contract with Symantec Antivirus (also known as Norton Antivirus) and this will continue to work if you have it installed on your computer. In addition, all installed copies will continue to receive virus definition updates.

If you do not have Symantec Antivirus or something equivalent, please contact Gabe Westmaas immediately.

Please visit the memorial website for Richard Cook (http://www.colorado.edu/ibs/crs/workshop/richard/), who died unexpectedly on October 13, 2004. He had a long and distinguished career at IBS beginning as a graduate research assistant in 1969. From 1982 to 2004, Cook worked for IBS Computing and Research Services. See his obituary as printed in the Silver and Gold, November 18, 2004.

Computers to be Given Away:

CRS has 4 computers to give away to IBS faculty, staff, or graduate students. These computers have 933 MHz processors and 256 MB of RAM. If you would like to request one, please contact Gabe Westmaas.

New CRS Lab Computers:

The new computers are now up and running in the CRS computing lab. They are fully equipped with statistical software(SPSS 12.0, SAS, Stata 8.0, Amos, and StatTransfer) and GIS software that includes ArcGIS 8.2 (ArcInfo Workstation, ArcMap, ArcToolbox, ArcCatalog) and ArcView 3.3.

Other more specialized software is also available such as GeoDa for spatial statistics and GWR for geographically weighted regression.

As of January, 2005, CRS will no longer support computers that are running '98 or earlier versions of Windows. Please make arrangments with Gabe Westmaas or Bill Studer for assistance with upgrading.