Computing and Research Services Data Acquisition Services

As a service to IBS researchers and support personnel, CRS provides information and assistance in locating and accessing data that might be helpful to a research project.

Public Use Social Science Data

The ICPSR Archive of Downloadable Data
The Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) Web site provides quick and easy access to its vast data archive. Because the University of Colorado, Boulder is a member of ICPSR, anyone connected to the ICPSR web site through a University internet service provider (ISP) has free direct access to the downloadable data. Jani Little is the University's official representative to ICPSR and can be contacted for more information or for assistance with a particular data set.
Social Science Data Services
A well-organized site supported by University of California, San Diego. Search or browse hundreds of sites for data sets, catalogs, and libraries.
StatLib Index
Listing of downloadable data sets used for testing statistical methods and algorithms.
RAND Databases and Research Tools
Many public use databases available for researchers.
CRS Geographic Data Sources
Links to many GIS data sources.