Computing and Research Services Computer Lab

The IBS Computing Lab is on the first floor of the IBS building in Room 150. The lab is equipped with a retractable projection screen, a large dry erase board, and a ceiling mounted projector. There are 25 computers in the lab, and each one is running Windows 7 OS with MS Office 2013. A list of the software on the workstations is shown here and is also posted in the computer lab. There is a help desk in the lab, and computer support is available for help with computer questions.

All computers:
Statistical and Programming Software:
Stata 13 Intercooled
Stat/Transfer 12
R 3.0.2
Mathematica 9
Matlab 2013b
Mapping and Spatial Analysis:
ArcGIS Desktop 10.2
R Studio
Open GeoDa
GWR 4.0
SatScan 9.2
Utility Software:
Microsoft Office 2013
Adobe Acrobat X Pro
Notepad++ with NPP for R
CD Burner XP Pro
Endnote Web
VLC Media Player
MikTeX 2.9
TeXstudio 2.6.6
Computers # 1, 2, 3, 16, & 17 (front row in the lab):
Statistical Software:
SPSS 22 with AMOS
SAS 9.4
Qualitative Data Analysis:
Nvivo 10

A copy of Stata Printed Docs is available in the lab.