Center for the Governance of Natural Resources Overview

Center Research Projects:

  • Rating REDD+ Contracts: Transaction Cost Considerations for Policy (Alston and Andersson)
  • An Anthropological Approach to Natural Resource Governance Research (McCabe, Goldman, Scanlon-Lyons)
  • The design of policy monitoring and evaluation systems that produce more usable science for decision makers. (Alston and Andersson)
  • Testing ideas of polycentric governance (Alston, Andersson and Gibson)
  • Property Rights in Land and Forests in the Amazon (Alston, Andersson and Mueller)
  • Climate Change adaptation in Western United States: local responses to perceptions of climate change (Alston, Anderson, Cox and Smith)

Center Affiliates:

  • Krister Andersson: The local politics of natural resource governance in developing countries.
  • David Brown: The role of political competition and non-governmental organizations in the formation of social capital as well as their impact on deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.
  • Mara Goldman: Human-environment relations in East/Southern Africa, in particular the politics of wildlife conservation; changing pastoral livelihood practices.
  • Charles Howe: The interaction of law and economics in the design and management of water resource systems.
  • Colleen Scanlan-Lyons: The relations among social movements, cultural politics, and natural resource governance, with an emphasis on Brazil and select countries in Latin America.
  • J. Terrence McCabe: Human adaptation to political and socioeconomic changes among pastoralist societies in Africa and the policy implications for Conservation Policy in Eastern Africa.
  • Liesel Ritchie: Social impacts of disasters with an emphasis on technological disasters, social capital, and resilience in renewable resource communities.
  • Kathleen Tierney: Social aspects and impacts of major earthquakes in California and Japan, floods in the Midwest, Hurricanes Hugo and Andrew, and many other major natural and technological disaster events.
  • John Wiener: Subsistence resource management, natural hazards, water law and institutions management, and use of climate information in transition of agriculture toward more sustainable systems.