IBS Overview

The Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS) is a research institute within the Graduate School of the University of Colorado Boulder. Since its establishment in 1957, it has provided a setting for interdisciplinary, collaborative research on problems of societal concern. By engaging faculty from all the social and behavioral sciences at the University of Colorado, Boulder, IBS encourages work that transcends disciplinary boundaries, that illuminates the complexity of social behavior and social life, and that has important implications for social policy.

IBS is organized into five research programs, each defined by an interdisciplinary area of research and directed by a senior research scientist. Three programs have centers which specialize in research topics consistent with the broader goals of the Program. Computing and Research Services provides computing and information technology services for IBS research activities.

IBS Director, Myron Gutmann

Five Research Programs and Four Centers with Computing and Research Services Support:

Graduate Training Certificate Program:
Interdepartmental Program in Demography - Richard G. Rogers, Director
Departments/Programs Represented:
Anthropology, Economics, Environmental Studies, Geography, History, Pediatrics, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology
Summary of Extra-Mural Support:
Number of Grants in Force: 68
Total Amount of Grants in Force: $48,961,000
Fiscal Year Expenditures:
2010-11: $7,628,754
2009-10: $5,806,285
2008-09: $6,762,118
2007-08: $6,059,095
2006-07: $7,699,646
2005-06: $6,711,044
2004-05: $7,318,317
2003-04: $7,477,568
2002-03: $9,300,541
2001-02: $8,229,032
2000-01: $6,656,593
1999-00: $5,143,822
1998-99: $3,306,801
1997-98: $2,996,934
1996-97: $3,087,893
1995-96: $2,866,302
1994-95: $2,946,699
1993-94: $2,524,932
Sources of Extra-Mural Support:
National Science Foundation; National Institutes of Health (National Institute on Aging; National Institute on Child Health and Human Development; Fogarty International Center); National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Department of Justice; U.S. Department of Transportation; Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention; U.S. Department of Education; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; U.S. Department of Agriculture-U.S. Forest Service; U.S. Geological Survey; Federal Emergency Management Agency; William T. and Flora Hewlett Foundation; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Division of Emergency Management; University Corporation for Atmospheric Research; Annie E. Casey Foundation; Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management of the Government of the Netherlands; Oak Ridge National Laboratories; Altria Client Services, Inc.; Vital Projects Fund; Population Association of America; International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie).
Personnel Summary:
Faculty-Rostered: 9
Faculty Associates: 28
Research Professors: 2
Ph.D. Research Associates: 20
Visiting Scholars: 3
Professional Research Assistants: 15
Graduate Research Assistants: 28
Undergraduate Student Assistants: 11
Classified Staff: 15
Physical Facilities:
Buildings: 1
Assignable Square Feet: 29,647
IBS Bylaws (pdf)