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Current Researchers

The researchers on the NYSFS come from varied backgrounds and specialize in different areas of research. This allows for unique collaborative opportunities with data collection and analysis.

Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS)

Scott Menard - Research Associate, IBS, Principal Investigator on the NYSFS. Research interests include longitudinal research methods and analysis, logistic regression and other multivariate statistical techniques, with applications to the study of criminal victimization, illicit drug use, and other illegal behavior over the life course.
Del Elliott - Professor, Department of Sociology at C.U. Boulder, founder of the National Youth Survey, co-principal investigator on the NYSFS. Research in the epidemiology and etiology of youth violence, crime, and substance use/abuse; crime prevention and intervention strategies; longitudinal survey research methodology.
David H. Huizinga - Senior Research Associate, IBS, co-investigator on the NYSFS. Research in life course development in social contexts: prosocial and problem behavior, including personal, academic, and employment success, delinquency, crime, drug use, psychopathology, domestic violence, sexual behavior, and teen pregnancy; analytic procedures for the typological study of developmental sequences.
Jennifer Grotpeter - Research Associate, IBS, co-investigator on the NYSFS. Research on middle childhood and adolescent development; focusing on the characteristics (e.g., intimacy, aggression) of friendship and family relationships of aggressive and victimized youth; gender differences in the expression of aggression (relational vs. physical aggression).

Institute for Behavioral Genetics (IBG)

John Hewitt - Professor, Department of Psychology, Director of IBG, co-principal investigator on NYSFS project. Research focus on the development of behavior problems in childhood and adolescence, and genetic and environmental influences on behavior, personality, and health.
Michael Stallings - Assistant Professor, IBG Faculty Fellow, lead IBG co-investigator on NYSFS project. Research in individual differences in liability to substance abuse and related psychopathology.
Robin Corley - Senior Research Associate, IBG, co-investigator on NYSFS project. Longitudinal analysis of specific cognitive abilities and problem behaviors.
Andy Smolen - Senior Research Associate, IBG Faculty Fellow, director of genotyping on NYSFS project. Research on the contribution of specific candidate genes to complex behaviors such as substance abuse and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
Susan Young -Senior Research Associate, IBG, co-investigator on NYSFS. Research on the genetic and environmental factors underlying the development of conduct disorder, ADHD and substance use problems; links between executive cognitive function and developmental psychopathology.

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