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The NYS participants were selected to be representative of the U.S. when the study began in 1976. Since we can't possibly ask every person your age what they think and feel, you were chosen as their representatives. Because you lived at a randomly-selected address in 1976 and because you were born in a certain year, YOU are the person we want to interview. That is why you can never be replaced. If we miss even one of you, the survey is less representative of everyone. Each dot on the map below represents a zip code where at least one NYSFS participant is located (often more than one participant lives in the same zip code).


All participants were 11-17 years old in 1976, and now are ages 39-45.


53% male, 47% female


  • 79% are white
  • 15% are African American
  • 4.5% are Latino or Hispanic
  • 1% are Asian American/Pacific Islander
  • 0.5% are Native American


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