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We're Back!

The National Youth Survey, with whom you have shared your major life events for the past 25 years, will be continuing later this year. It's likely that changes have occurred since you were last interviewed 8 years ago, and we would like to get caught up on your important life experiences.

This year, we will pay each respondent $50 for an approximately 90-minute interview. Please respond to this letter by completing the enclosed postage-paid card with your current address.

We hope to hear from you soon. Because of the long-term, continued participation of each of you, the National Youth Survey has become recognized as an important national resource:

• "One of the most widely used self-report surveys is the National Youth Survey" (J.D. Hawkins, John Laub, & Janet Lauritsen, 1998)

• James Short (1997) called the National Youth Survey the largest and most systematic self-report study in the U.S.

• The National Youth Survey was one of four longitudinal studies (and the only nationally representative study) highlighted in Youth Violence: A Report of the Surgeon General (2000).

Thank you for your past help on this important survey.
We are looking forward to seeing you later this year!


1) In Rolf Loeber & David Farrington (Eds.), Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders, Sage.
2) James Short (1997). Poverty, Ethnicity, and Violent Crime, Westview Press.


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