Associate Professor of Sociology

Faculty, Health and Society Program,
Institute of Behavioral Science (IBS)

Research interests

My recent research has investigated causes of variation in social norms about teenage pregnancy, the link between these norms and the material resources that are provided to teenage parents, and the consequences of material resources for teenage mothers' and fathers' educational outcomes. My ongoing quantitative research examines the consequences of material resources for the early development of teenage parents' children, depression among teenage mothers, and the health consequences of parents' knowledge about their adolescent children's sexual activity. I am also conducting qualitative research about the experiences of teenage mothers and fathers in Colorado, their perceptions of social norms about being a young parent, and the social and material support they receive.

My broader research interests include health disparities, stratification by gender, class, race, and ethnicity, the life course, social psychology, social problems, childhood and adolescence, and families.