Kenneth Boulding Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Paul Kubicek is the Kenneth Boulding Post-Doctoral Fellow in the GAD program for academic year 1998-1999. Previously, he has taught at Koc University in Istanbul Turkey and at Lviv State University in Ukraine.

Paul's main research interests are in post-communist politics, and include such issues as interest associations and formation of civil society, the politics of economic reform, relations between Russia and other post-Soviet states, and problems for democracy and development posed by nationalism. He completed his dissertation in 1995 at the University of Michigan. It focused on economic interest associations of labor and capital in post-Soviet Ukraine, and it will be published this year by University of Michigan Press as Unbroken Ties: The State, Interest Associations, and Corporatism in Post-Soviet Ukraine.

Due in part to his three years in Turkey, Paul's research interests have expanded to include developments in Central Asia, study of Ataturk's policies as a developmental model, and the Kurdish conflict in Turkey. His most recent work on post-communist labor and Russian foreign policy will be published by Comparative Politics and Political Science Quarterly, respectively.

During his tenure with the GAD program, Paul continued to work on post-communist labor politics, particularly how trends of globalization and marketization are eroding the political power of organized labor in several states.
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