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How to Apply

New graduate applicants to the University of Colorado should apply directly to a Ph.D. program affiliated with IBG faculty. In addition, you should submit an interest form to IBG so we know you are interested in our certificate program.

Applications to the training program are accepted at any time. Admittance to the program and training grant appointments are determined every year in early February, coinciding with departmental program application deadlines. To be considered for the IBG training program at the beginning of a fall semester, we must receive your application materials by January 15 of that year.

Admission Requirements:

All potential IBG trainees must be admitted to a doctoral program affiliated with our training faculty. In general, students should apply to the Ph.D. program in which their desired faculty mentor(s) are appointed. However, this does not preclude the opportunity to work with faculty outside their academic program.

To be considered for admission, the Graduate School requires an undergraduate GPA of 2.75. Additionally, the most competitive applicants should have general GRE scores of 600 or better. Subject GRE scores are not required, but will be considered if they have been completed. We carefully consider all components of the application - including undergraduate grades, letters of recommendation, previous research experience, and GRE scores.

Steps to Apply:

1) Apply To Department Program:

2) Complete IBG Application Form.

The purpose of this form is to identify students who are interested in graduate studies at IBG. You can fill out the interest form online or submit in via mail.

Select one:

For current CU graduate students (i.e. those who have already completed at least one year of coursework), you may request that two letters of recommendation be sent from your department from your original submission, or you may request two new letters. The third recommendation letter for current CU students must be submitted by their proposed IBG Faculty Fellow mentor.

If you fill out the Paper Application Form, please send to:

Director, Behavioral Genetics Training Program
Institute for Behavioral Genetics
Campus Box 447
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309