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Current Students

2014 Graduate Students

Front Row (from left to right): Brittany Demmit, Brooke Huibregtse, Chelsie Benca, Emma Johnson, Coral Cabrera-Montalvo, Sam Dolzani
Back Row (from left to right): Amanda Wills, Whitney Melroy, Richard Border, Kristin Rasmus, Maia Frieser, Dorian Mitchem, Alex Hatoum, Dan Gustavson, MengZhen Lui, Sonya Belimezova, Hunter Mathews

Not Pictured: Spencer Huggett, Dan Johnson, Hannah Shapero, Ashley Smith-Watts, Harry Smolker, Robbee Wedow, Kerri Woodward, Helena Yardley

For a list of IBG's current graduate students and their research interests, please click here.