Michael Marks

Senior Research Associate
Institute for Behavioral Genetics

Institute for Behav Genetics

447 UCB

Boulder, CO 80309

Research Interests:

Genetic influences on molecular, biochemical, physiological, and behavioral factors mediating the responses to nicotine in mice.

Selected Publications:

1. Gotti C, Moretti M, Meinerz NM, Clementi F, Gaimarri A, Collins AC, Marks MJ (2008) Partial deletion of the nicotinic cholinergic receptor alpha 4 or beta 2 subunit genes changes the acetylcholine sensitivity of receptor-mediated 86Rb+ efflux in cortex and thalamus and alters relative expression of alpha 4 and beta 2 subunits. Mol Pharmacol 73:1796-807.
PMID: 18337473 | pubmed abstract |

2. Marks MJ, Meinerz NM, Drago J, Collins AC.(2007). Gene targeting demonstrates that alpha4 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunits contribute to expression of diverse [3H]epibatidine binding sites and components of biphasic 86Rb+ efflux with high and low sensitivity to stimulation by acetylcholine. Neuropharmacology., 53(3), 390-405.
PMID: 17631923 | pubmed abstract |

3. Marks MJ, Whiteaker P, Collins AC. (2006). Deletion of the alpha7, beta2, or beta4 nicotinic receptor subunit genes identifies highly expressed subtypes with relatively low affinity for [3H]epibatidine. Mol Pharmacol., 70(3), 947-59.
PMID: 16728647 | pubmed abstract |