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Brittany Waschke

Artist's Statement

Dark humor and sarcasm, conflicting themes, and influence from Japanese culture enable me to express and filter my life into my artwork. Through the lens of technology and neurology, I choose to analyze various aspects of my bipolar brain, broken identity, and perceptions to create a deeper understanding of the world around me. I use technology to reveal and develop my identities and subconscious and explore the disconnected blur of reality and unreality. By using knowledge of the processes of the left and right brain, I can create works that defamiliarize the familiar and inspire viewers to explore what they don’t know about themselves.

My work entitled, “ ^_T ” began as a photographed performance of my personas that I later reconstructed with graphite pencil into a surreal narrative. By humorously playing at the idiom, “pick your brain,” the characters formed from the four main emotions (joy, sadness, anger, and fear) and construct an unfamiliar setup for my identity and the study of the brain. ^-T is formed from Japanese emoticons (computer representation of facial expression) “^_^” (joy) and “T_T” (sadness) to mean bipolar.