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Engineering & Environmental Design

Acid Rock Drainage in the Upper Snake River: the Presence of Heavy Metals in a Mineralized Watershed

SOLSTICE Hybrid Drive: A Turning Point in Aircraft Propulsion

The purpose of this document is to provide a brief overview of the SOLSTICE Hybrid Propulsion System design phase and the current standings at the cessation of the fall semester, 2010.

Mesa Trail Hostel

Despite changes in global economic conditions, shifting cultural values, and diverse lifestyles, the thrill of adventure through travel remains as universal and strong as ever. Youth all over the world seek broadened perspectives and unforgettable experiences through international travel. Invariably, these youth gravitate towards hostels as lodging. Hostels are magnetic due to their general low cost compared to other temporary rooms and serve as tremendous social cen­ters.

Re: Explanation of Sustainable Water Disposal Practices

As a program officer for the Gates Foundation, your assignment is to allocate $100,000 for a development project for a rural community (pop. 5,000) in the developing world.