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Globe Thistle (Echinop’s Ritro ‘Veitch’s Blue’)

A physicist, Richard Feynman, argued that a scientist could see more beauty in a flower than an artist because a scientist recognized how a flower was made, the molecular-cellular structure behind those petals. Here I look to show that the flowers and plants I have scanned can intertwine the often disparate studies of art and science.

Blue Pen Special

This piece is one of many from my series of ballpoint pen drawings. This process takes months to complete. This piece was designed with the sole purpose of giving the viewer an insight into the creative processes taking place within an artist’s mind.


This photograph was taken with black and white film, developed in a traditional dark room. With the use of repetition, this idea of reused skin and leather is being toyed with. The cows in the background, the leather of the couch, the folds in the skin of the body, and the leather of all the boots all play the same role in depicting one material in various ways. They play off each other and all sit tightly together, in the same space, never previously knowing they would all meet like this.



This photo reminds me of the vitality of water. I liked how it looked isolated and desolate and made me think about the value of water. The few drops visible in the sink bowl make me think about the scarcity of water, especially clean water, for many less fortunate individuals.  I hope the viewer thinks about this and the incredible privilege the majority of people in Colorado have to turn on the faucet and have flowing clean water come out.

Filthy Flow

I walking around in downtown Denver and stopped in an empty alleyway to watch a stream of water flow into a street gutter.  The stream of water looked so deep, dark, and beautiful yet it ended in a pile of trash right before disappearing into the gutter. I took the photo at an angle so that the water runoff drains right in front of the viewer.

Myself: Jessica Mifa Kim

We all see ourselves different from how others see us. Moreover, our insecurities are often drawn out of this difference. This piece maps my self-perception. It attempts to bring together both the image of how others see me as well as how I see myself. Through bringing these differences into a single image, the piece exposes how different my self-perception is from reality. For many women, social pressures that push them to adopt unhealthy expectations for their bodies become internalized.

Sakura Kim: My Mother

This piece explores cultural difference; it reflects immigrant’s assimilation and how their physical mannerisms incorporate their migration. The piece attempts to draw the viewer into the life of a migrant. It attempts to make the viewer feel the difficulty of cultural assimilation through observing a pieced-together physical appearance. The piece brings together the subject’s Japanese culture with their American residence.


This piece is about the gradual nature of life and death and the contrast between frailty and stability. Clay leaves were made from low-fire clay and then painted with acrylic paint.  Then, black wire was molded into the form of a dead tree and wrapped around a heavy rock.

The Throne Room

This piece is about the strength of women. The Queen in the center has overcome difficulties to crown herself queen. She does not need physical strength to enforce her will, but can instead use her clothes to show her strength of personality. A large hoopskirt was built to support the dress. There was an underskirt of gold satin. The red dress over was created using existing patterns as well as those created specifically for the outfit.

Moving Up Stairs

Moving Up Stairs is a part of my Boulder Flood project where I was trying to capture the devastation that followed the Colorado Flood last year (2013). In this photograph we can see my friend moving his belongings out of the flooding basement. I brought my camera and set it on the empty bed frame taking a long exposure of people moving in and out. This photograph implies both social and environmental issues.