Honors Council Representatives and Departmental Requirements

The Honors Council is a body of faculty made up of representatives from each department that participates in the Honors Program. The Honors Council meets in the fall and spring semesters to recommend Latin honors designations.

For students planning to write a thesis in their major (Departmental Honors), the first contact should be the major department's Honors Council representative.

Students considering a General Honors thesis project should start here.

Department Council Member Email Phone
Anthropology Carla Jones carla.jones@colorado.edu 303-735-0108
Robin Bernstein robin.bernstein@colorado.edu 303-735-2217
Applied Math Anne Dougherty anne.dougherty@colorado.edu 303-492-4011
Art and Art History Françoise Duressé-Stimilli francoise.duresse-stimilli@colorado.edu 303-492-0611
Robert Nauman robert.nauman@colorado.edu 303-735-6191
Asian Languages and Civilizations Andrew Stuckey andrew.stuckey@colorado.edu email only
Asian Studies Tim Weston timothy.b.weston@colorado.edu 303-492-3526
Astrophysical and Planetary Sci. Erica Ellingson erica.ellingson@colorado.edu 303-492-6610
Chemistry and Biochemistry Joseph Falke falke@colorado.edu 303-492-3503
Robert Parson robert.parson@colorado.edu 303-492-7751
Classics Sarah James sarah.a.james@colorado.edu 303-492-0252
Communication Cindy White cindy.white@colorado.edu 303-492-5022
Computer Science Clayton Lewis clayton.lewis@colorado.edu 303-492-6657
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Barbara Demmig-Adams barbara.demmig-adams@colorado.edu 303-492-5541
Pieter Johnson (2015-2016) pieter.johnson@colorado.edu 303-492-6523
Economics Martin Boileau boileau@colorado.edu 303-492-2108
Nicholas Flores floresn@stripe.colorado.edu 303-492-8145
English Noah Eli Gordon noah.gordon@colorado.edu email only
Jane Garrity jane.garrity@colorado.edu 303-492-3399
Benjamin Robertson benjamin.j.robertson@colorado.edu email only
Environmental Design Georgia Lindsay georgia.lindsay@colorado.edu 303-492-5677
Environmental Studies Dale Miller dale.miller@colorado.edu 303-492-6629
Jim White jwhite@colorado.edu 303-492-5494
Ethnic Studies Bianca Williams bianca.williams@colorado.edu 303-492-5534
Film Studies Melinda Barlow melinda.barlow@colorado.edu 303-492-3291
French and Italian Michela Ardizzoni michela.ardizzoni@colorado.edu 303-735-3562
Geography Bill Travis william.travis@colorado.edu 303-492-6312
Holly Barnard holly.barnard@colorado.edu 303-735-7062
Geological Sciences Charles Stern charles.stern@colorado.edu 303-492-7170
Germanic and Slavic Lang. and Lit. Laura Olson Osterman lolson@colorado.edu 303-492-7729
History Mithi Mukherjee mithi.mukherjee@colorado.edu 303-492-8941
Humanities Paul Gordon paul.gordon@colorado.edu 303-492-6227
Integrative Physiology David Sherwood david.sherwood@colorado.edu 303-492-7561
International Affairs Vicki Hunter ashv@colorado.edu 303-492-6214
Jessica Martin jessica.martin@colorado.edu 303-492-6883
Linguistics Barbara Fox barbara.fox@colorado.edu 303-492-6305
Mathematics Nathaniel Thiem nathaniel.thiem@colorado.edu 303-492-7628
MCDB Rui Yi rui.yi@colorado.edu 303-735-4886
Christy Fillman christy.fillman@colorado.edu 303-492-2857
Jennifer Martin jennifer.m.martin@colorado.edu 303-492-6346
Ravinder Singh ravinder.singh@colorado.edu 303-492-8886
Philosophy Dominic Bailey dominic.bailey@colorado.edu 303-735-4194
Physics John Cumalat john.p.cumalat@colorado.edu 303-492-8604
Paul Beale paul.beale@colorado.edu 303-492-0297
Jun Ye ye@jila.colorado.edu 303-735-3171
James K. Thompson jkt@jila.colorado.edu 303-492-7558
Political Science E. Scott Adler esadler@colorado.edu 303-492-6659
Janet Donavan janet.donavan@colorado.edu 303-492-6812
Psychology and Neuroscience Richard Olson richard.olson@colorado.edu 303-492-8865
Heidi Day heidi.day@colorado.edu 303-735-3815
Joanna Arch joanna.arch@colorado.edu 303-492-4634
Mark Whisman mark.whisman@colorado.edu 303-492-3306
Randy O'Reilly randy.oreilly@colorado.edu 303-492-0054
Jerry Rudy jerry.rudy@colorado.edu 303-492-3306
Religious Studies Deborah Whitehead deborah.whitehead@colorado.edu 303-492-8041
Speech, Language and Hearing Sci. Kathryn Arehart kathryn.arehart@colorado.edu 303-492-3036
Sociology TBA
Spanish and Portuguese Nina Molinaro nina.molinaro@colorado.edu 303-492-4901
Theatre and Dance Ted Stark theodore.stark@colorado.edu 303-492-8552
Bud Coleman bud.coleman@colorado.edu 303-492-7355
Women and Gender Studies Deepti Misri deepti.misri@colorado.edu 303-492-0845
General Honors Janet Jacobs jacobsjl@colorado.edu 303-492-3202
Paul Strom paul.strom@colorado.edu 303-492-6912
Daniel C. Jones daniel.c.jones@colorado.edu 303-492-5884
E. Christian Kopff e.kopff@colorado.edu 303-492-8401
Abby Hickcox abby.hickcox@colorado.edu 303-492-6243
Alphonse Keasley alphonse.keasley@colorado.edu 303-492-5479