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Resources and Kits

Cold care kit suppliesStudents are welcome to come by Community Health to pick up a variety of health-related resources. These resources include:

Cold & Flu Resources

We offer a variety of items to help relieve cold and flu symptoms and prevent the spread of germs including: tea, salt (for gargling), tissues, cough drops, and hand sanitizer.

Safer Sex Supplies

Reduce the risk of transmitting or contracting sexually transmitted infections with free condoms (roll-on and internal), lubrication, and information about proper condom use.  We also have nitrile and letex gloves, and instructions on how to make an effective cape or a dental dam out of them.  In addition, some of these resources can be used as an effective birth control method to prevent pregnancy.  When our office is closed or it's inconvenient to stop by, this handout describes other places to purchase condoms on campus.

Tobacco Quit Kits

Prepare for a tobacco quit date and manage tobacco triggers after quitting.  These kits contain straws, toothpicks, chewing gum, sugar-free hard candy, and an informative handout.