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Go Urban

Your idea of a great spring break is going out on the town and doing some things that feed your creative side. You might want to grab lunch with friends, wander through art galleries or museums, catch a movie, see a show, or go dancing. Maybe you want to do something completely different or do something you love, but haven’t gotten to do in a long time. You can find some great escapes right at home or travel somewhere exotic to fuel your soul.

Got Culture?
One of the great things about cities is the access they offer to museums, galleries, historical monuments, and other sites of interest. Go learn about your city, and take advantage of some great student discounts at places like these while you’re still in college! If you’re around Boulder or Denver then take some tours: Celestial Seasonings, the Denver Mint, Hammonds Candy Factory, Banjo Billy’s bus tour, or others!

Food Glorious Food
Get in touch with your inner foodie and sample some of the great food that  your city has to offer. Go try a type of food you’ve never had before, cities often have great hidden gems, and authentic ethnic cuisine. Venture out, and find a new favorite food!

Check Out a Performance
Cities are bustling centers for artists. Explore the different types of performance where you are. Check out some live music at a fun venue, or the opera, a play, a free poetry reading, go to the symphony, a concert, or a dance show.

Give Back to Your Community
Spring break is a chance to contribute to your community. Look around where  you are; our communitites can be home to many people in need, or struggling to make ends meet. Consider donating a day by volunteering at a local food bank, a homeless shelter, or