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Get Active

Whatever you do it won’t feel like spring break unless you are on the move. You are willing to do just about anything as long as it gets your butt out of the chair. Your idea of a break well spent is hitting the slopes, catching some waves, or covering some ground. You might want to explore a new trail, try a totally new activity, or take your usual activity to a new level.

Try Something New
Get out of your routine and take an opportunity to try something awesomely new. Go climb that mountain you always admire, invest in a kayak, talk to CU's Outdoor Program about their trips, or get your bike back out after winter and go for a ride. Think about sports you’ve never tried, like cross country skiing, snowshoeing, or taking a swing dance class.

Active Rejuvenation and Relaxation
Even while you’re out there taking on the world be sure to make some space for relaxation. Use spring break to get back some of that calm that the semester can chip away at, it may be as simple as taking some time to notice and catch up on what’s going on in the world around you. Take a yoga class and move your body, then go get your sun salutation on at a beautiful place.

Day Trip It!
You might be familiar with the area where you’ll be hanging out, so this could be your chance to explore. If you’re staying in Boulder you could head down to Golden for a hike, take a trip up to Lyons, or venture out towards Nederland or Estes Park. Get out and explore!