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MMR Immunization Requirements for CU-Boulder Students

Colorado State Law requires freshman, transfer and graduate students to submit proof of two doses each of measles (rubeola), two rubella (German measles), and two mumps - or "MMR" - vaccinations. This is a mandatory requirement for all college students born on or after January 1, 1957. Please check with your physician, high school, previous university, and/or military, to obtain an official signed or stamped copy of your records.

If you cannot verify your immunizations, you will need to be tested for immunity or re-immunized. Medical, religious, and personal exemptions are allowed by law. Contact the Immunization Program Office for details at 303-492-2005. Hepatitis B and Meningitis vaccines are strongly recommended but not required.

NOTE: In the event of an outbreak, exempted persons may be subject to quarantine and exclusion from school. Return to Required Health Forms >>