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Individual, Couples, & Group Therapy

Individual Therapy

Your provider will ask questions and spend time listening to understand your concerns. If you feel confused about what you will say, your therapist will work with you to clarify what is contributing to your concerns.

What you can expect:
A supportive therapist who will help you gain insight into your concerns and develop strategies to deal with them.

Couples Therapy

Many of our therapists are trained to help couples improve communication and work through relationship issues.

What you can expect:
A skilled therapist who will help identify individual and couple issues and develop a treatment plan to achieve agreed upon goals.

Group Therapy

We offer therapy groups to address longer term issues. Our screening process will identify the right group for you as well as work to ensure your group members aren’t from the same department.

What you can expect:

  • Identify with others who face similar challenges
  • Feel support in times of stress
  • Learn to give and receive feedback
  • Practice new behaviors and ways of relating to others
  • Improve your communication skills by expressing feelings and thoughts that you have been hesitant to share
  • Experience a confidential setting with peers to explore a broad range of concerns

Current Offerings: Spring 2015 Group Offerings (PDF)

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