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I Got an MIP. Now What?

Which class do I register for?

You must first go to your court date, student conduct hearing or Hall director meeting to find out which class you need to register for. Failure to do so may result in your referring agency not accepting the class you have taken and requiring you to take another one.

How do I register?

Stop by Wardenburg Health Center’s Department of Psychological Health and Psychiatry (PHP), Monday - Friday from 8AM - 5PM, for a current schedule of available classes and to sign up.

*Check your work and academic schedule very carefully before registering for your assigned class.

Registration must be done in person and the fee must be paid at time of registering. 

How much does it cost?

All classes need to be paid for at time of registration. We accept cash, check, and Visa/MasterCard and American Express.

Do I still have to go to court if I take my assigned class?

You must go to your court date first to get assigned a class to take.  Once you have completed the class, you will receive a copy of your completion to take to the courts.  Your instructor will also fax this completion to the courts.

What happens if I can't attend the class I'm registered for?

The program is very strict about allowing students to reschedule classes. A conflict due to a regularly scheduled work shift or due to a test/assignment that is on the class syllabus for example, is not an acceptable reason for missing an your class. You may not make up a class by attending another class’s session. To successfully complete your class you need to start and finish the same class.

In order to reschedule without paying an additional registration fee, you must have an emergency or extenuating circumstance that you were unable to anticipate at the time you registered for your class. Secondly, you must have written documentation to support your reason for rescheduling. If you don’t meet these two criteria, you will be required to re-register for another class and pay an additional $150 registration fee.

What happens if I'm late to class?

You must be on time to all sessions of your class. Students who are more than 5 minutes late will not be permitted to enter the class. If you are late for any session, you will be dismissed from that class and responsible for re-registering in another class and paying the additional $150 registration fee.

What can I use the FAC class for? DWAI/DUI?

Our diversion classes will NOT serve to resolve alcohol-related driving offenses such as a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWAI (Driving While Alcohol Impaired). For such offenses you will likely need to complete Level I or Level II DUI Education and/or Therapy classes.

While our classes meet the requirements for a Level I Alcohol Diversion class, there are no services available at Wardenburg Health Center at the present time for students needing Level I or II DUI/DWAI education or therapy classes. For these classes, you can contact Boulder County Public Health at 303-413-7547 or other private agencies in the Boulder community (Boulder Alcohol Education Center 303-444-6142, Discovery Counseling Center 303-449-4121, Personal Growth Services 303-442-7220).

What happens if I procrastinate or don't take the class?

Generally, if you fail to appear in court as required, a bench warrant is issued for your arrest. Until you resolve this matter, should you be stopped by police for any reason and the officer(s) learn of the warrant, you will be arrested, taken to jail, processed, and will need to post bond and appear in court. Once you complete your assigned class your instructor will give you a copy of your completion to take to your referral and will arrange for the completion notice to be sent to your referral

If you are not done with your assigned class by the deadline given to you by the courts, Office of Student Conduct or Housing, you will need to contact your referring agency to make arrangements.  Failure to do so can result in a bench warrant being issued, a stop being put on your registration or further sanctions at the discretion of your referral.

How can I contact my referral source? (Courts, Housing, Judicial Affairs)

Boulder Municipal Courts: 303-441-1842 and ask for your case manager

Housing: Contact your Residence Hall Director

Judicial Affairs: Jamal Ward, 303-492-5550