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Eating Disorders

Improve your Relationship with Your Body

Psychological Health & Psychiatry (PHP) at Wardenburg offers free screenings for body image and eating concerns. Stop by our main desk (first floor) or call 303-492-5654 to schedule your screening.

Eating Disorders Assessment and Treatment

PHP has an Eating Disorders Treatment Coordinator, Dr. Michael E. Maley, who is trained to assess and treat issues with disordered eating and body image issues. He seeks to educate the campus community about the dangers and prevalence of eating disorders in college populations.

We also have several therapy groups available through PHP at different times throughout the year. Wardenburg provides comprehensive services for people who struggle with disordered eating thoughts and behaviors and body image issues including psychological assessment, individual and group therapy, nutritional consultation, assessment for medication and medication management, support for medical concerns related to disordered eating, and physical therapy including massage and acupuncture.


On-Campus Resources

Medical Clinic 303-492-5432
Nutrition Services 303-492-2030
Community Health Education 303-492-2937
Counseling and Psychological Services 303-492-6766
Raimy Psychological Clinic  303-492-5177

Local Resources

Web Resources