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ADHD Information

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) assessment and treatment are available in the Psychological Health and Psychiatry (PHP) Clinic in Wardenburg Health Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

ADHD Info for New Students

Wardenburg Health Center has specific guidelines for prescribing medications for students with ADHD. Transferring ADHD Medications to Colorado:

  • If you are transferring ADHD medications to Colorado, you must have a paper prescription.
  • Wardenburg’s pharmacy will accept post-dated prescriptions up to three months from an out-of-state physician.
  • The post-dated prescriptions will be kept on file and filled as the dates allow.

Call Wardenburg’s pharmacy at 303-492-8553 for more information.

Treatment (including stimulant medication) may ONLY be initiated if the student meets one of the following criteria:

  • The student provides sufficient documentation of a prior ADHD assessment conducted within the past three years, regardless of treatment OR
  • The student was tested for ADHD anytime in the past, receives ongoing medication treatment presently, and provides sufficient documentation (e.g., letter or records from the treating physician documenting diagnosis and treatment response).

Wardenburg Health Center will not prescribe ADHD medications to students unable to provide this documentation. Please call the Psychological Health and Psychiatry department at 303-492-5654 for more information.

ADHD Testing and Assessment

Starting the Process

1. Visit the PHP front desk on the first floor in Wardenburg Health Center (WHC)

2. You will be asked to complete several forms

3. You will schedule an initial intake appointment which will evaluate your need for testing.  Future appointments for testing are typically scheduled with the provider.

Note: If you have previously documented ADHD that you need to have re-assessed, you will need to complete the same process.

Testing and Assessment

We have a limited number of assessment appointments so it is important to follow through with the process once you have scheduled your assessment. If you fail to keep the initial assessment appointment and do not follow the cancellation procedure, you may not be able to be re-scheduled for assessment in the current semester.

Initial Intake Assessment

The initial screening interview appointment will take approximately one hour. If you bring sufficient documentation from an ADHD assessment conducted within the past three years, treatment recommendations may be made at this time without further assessment. If results of the initial interview appointment suggest that you may have ADHD, and you do NOT have sufficient documentation from a recent ADHD assessment, we will offer either the opportunity to complete a full assessment here in PHP, or assist you in obtaining further assessment from psychologist providers in the local community (if this is your preference, or we cannot provide the assessment with our in-house resources).

Assessment Process

The assessment process will include an interview with the student, some psychological testing, and an interview with a parent or guardian about ADHD symptoms you may have had as a child.

Summary Report

The results of your evaluation will be summarized in a written report. You may choose to release this report to treatment providers in our health center or a facility of your choice. You may also release it to CU-Boulder Disability Services (if you require academic accommodations or other support services they offer). This entire process may take several weeks to complete.

Referral to Treatment Services

Based on the findings of the assessment, we can then make recommendations for further services, and will discuss your options with you. These may include a medication evaluation with one of our clinic psychiatrists or nurse practitioners, contact with Disability Services, and/or individual or group psychotherapy from providers either here at Wardenburg Psychological Health and Psychiatry (PHP) or in the community.

Testing and Assessment Fees

Initial Intake Assessment: The fee is $161 (no fee for students enrolled in the Student Gold Health Insurance).

Full ADHD Assessment (includes appointments, testing equipment, & written report): $400 non-refundable fee. This is not covered by Student Gold Health Insurance Plan.

Note: The Student Gold and Wardenburg Campus Care plans do NOT cover assessment for ADHD, either in PHP or in the community. If you have other insurance, it may cover some of the cost of these and other services listed. It is your responsibility to determine your coverage and seek reimbursement through your insurance carrier. Wardenburg Health Center will not bill third party insurance companies.

Treatment for ADHD at Wardenburg is subject to the same charges as other clinic services.

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