Philip Horner

Post-Masters Social Work Fellow • Psychological Health & Psychiatry

Phillip received his bachelors in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Asheville in 2008. Following his BA, Phillip worked with abused and neglected children in residential settings as a counselor and in the courts as a child advocate, where he witnessed what childhood trauma and unfair circumstances could produce. This experience led Phillip to pursue his Masters of Social Work to further his understanding of privilege and how racism helps create inequality. He graduated from Smith College School for Social Work where he trained in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Phillip spent the past year as a college therapist intern at Williams College and enjoyed leading a psycho-education group on being an ally.

Phillip has received specific training in Psychodynamic Theory, Brief Dynamic Therapy, and Undoing Racism. Phillip enjoyed working with the college population because he believes that this is a crucial time for identity development and exploration; additionally, what is learned and understood during this time in a young adults' life can have a large impact in their future.

Areas of Interest: Identity development, trauma, relational issues, white privilege awareness, and undoing racism

My favorite thing about working at Wardenburg is

My favorite thing about working at Wardenburg is the community of support.