David Sullivan

• Psychological Health & Psychiatry

Dave is a post-masters graduate having recently graduated from Smith College School for Social Work. Dave has worked in a variety of settings including local non-profits in Colorado, the VA in Denver, and a couple of private organizations in Boulder. The majority of Dave’s seven years of experience has been working with college-age clients. He has is a level two certified addictions counselor in the state of Colorado. Dave’s utilizes a combination of psycho-dynamic and evidence-based approaches in his work with his clients.

Areas of Interest
Dave is interested in various aspects of attachment, trauma, and addiction. Dave is also interested in the emerging impact of technology on interpersonal relationships, having written his master’s thesis exploring the effects of technology on the parent-child relationship. Furthermore, Dave believes in examining issues of social justice through multiple perspectives including systemic oppression and unconscious privilege.

My favorite thing about working at Wardenburg is

the CU campus. From the students, to the faculty, this campus provides such an array of differing and intriguing perspectives. Having the privilege of working with students through some of the most complicated years of their lives is an incredibly gratifying experience.