Insurance FAQs

Selecting or Waiving Student Health Plans

Q: How do I select or waive the student health insurance and what is the deadline?

A: For detailed information on selecting or waiving your health plan click here. The deadline to select or waive insurance for fall 2013 is September 4, 2013 and January 22, 2014 for spring 2014.

Q: What are the university requirements to waive the student insurance?

A: The only requirement is that students have an active health insurance plan during the time they are students at CU-Boulder.

Q: How often does the insurance need to be selected or waived?

A: Students must make their health insurance selection or waive all insurance each fall. The selection made for the fall semester automatically carries over to the spring semester unless actively changed. PLEASE NOTE: If your status as a student changes (from undergraduate to graduate, study abroad, full time to part time, continuing education to main campus, etc) you MUST make a new insurance selection in the spring and then starting again in the fall.

Q: If I don't have my insurance card, how is the insurance waived?

A: If you do not have your insurance information yet because you have recently switched carriers, a letter from the insurance company is acceptable; it should state that the student is covered, an enrollee identification number, a phone number to call for eligibility confirmation, and the effective dates of coverage. If you have recently started a new job, a letter with this information from the human resources department can substitute for the insurance company letter. Applications are not accepted as proof of insurance. Please note that the insurance has to be effective before the waiver deadline or the student health insurance will not be waived.

Q: Does Wardenburg Campus Care fulfill the university insurance requirement?

A: No - because Wardenburg Campus Care is not an insurance plan, it does not fulfill the university's mandatory insurance requirement. It is a supplemental plan for basic health care coverage at Wardenburg only.

Q: My student is an intercollegiate athlete. Are the forms I sent to the athletic department the same as the selection/waiver for the insurance?

A: No - the CU athletic department forms are different therefore the student must still select or waive the student health plans online.

Q: Can students sign up for a plan at any time?

A: No - students can only sign up during the enrollment period at the beginning of each semester. See enrollment deadlines in blue box (top right).

Q: What if my student loses their third-party insurance coverage during the semester?

A: Students may enroll in the Student Gold Health Insurance Plan mid-semester if they provide proof that they were unwillingly dropped from their insurance (ex: due to job loss). Premiums are not pro-rated and coverage begins on the day they enroll in the plan.

Student Health Plans

Q: How does the university determine what is covered under the Student Gold Health Insurance Plan and how much it costs?

A: The cost of the Gold Plan is determined by (1) the underwriter and (2) the coverage. While the plan will never perfectly meet the needs of every student, we try to build the plan each year so that it can provide necessary coverage for a majority of students.

Every few years the university goes out to bid with health insurance companies and selects a reputable company that will be able to cover student needs at a reasonable price. Each year, the underwriter comes back and says that based on enrollment and utilization last year, the cost of the plan for this next year will increase by X% (up to a certain percentage permitted in the contract). Until the university's contract is up with that insurer, we have no choice but to accept the price increase.

Q: Do the university plans provide year-round coverage?

A: Yes - buying two semesters of coverage covers a full 12 months, including summer and breaks. For coverage dates click here.

Q: Do either of the plans provide dental coverage?

A: No - neither the Student Gold Health Insurance Plan nor Campus Care provide dental coverage. The Student Gold Health Insurance Plan provides optional dental coverage. For dental information click here.

Q: Do either of the plans provide vision coverage?

A: No - neither the Student Gold Health Insurance Plan nor Campus Care provide vision coverage, except for one annual eye exam per policy year at College Optical covered by Gold. For vision information click here. Please note: the only time to add the vision rider is in the fall semester during open enrollment unless you are a new student in the spring.

Student Gold Health Insurance Plan

Q: Why would I select the Student Gold Health Insurance Plan if I have other insurance?

A: If you have other insurance then you meet the university's requirement for insurance coverage and are not required to enroll in the Gold Plan. However, students who may use psychological health and psychatriaty or physical therapy services at Wardenburg may find it more cost effective and convenient to purchase the Gold Plan. Check to see what your benefits are and if providers in the area are accepting new patients. When a student is enrolled in the Gold Plan as well as third-party insurance, the Gold Plan is the primary insurance.

Q: Is there coverage outside of Colorado?

A: Yes - the plan is a national and international plan. Click here for plan details.

Q: Will Student Gold Plan members receive an insurance card?

A: Yes - students who select the Student Gold Plan will receive an insurance card. It is mailed out after the enrollment deadline to the mailing address on file. If care outside of Wardenburg is needed before the insurance card is received, we can provide a temporary insurance card. Students coming to Wardenburg for care only need to bring their Buff OneCard.

Wardenburg Campus Care

Q: Why would I get Campus Care Supplemental Plan if my student is covered under my insurance plan?

A: Campus Care provides basic health care coverage (e.g., colds, broken bones, and annual exams)—right on campus. It is a supplemental plan for students who are covered under an outside plan (by a parent, job, etc.) who would also like basic coverage at Wardenburg Health Center (i.e., Wardenburg does not bill outside insurance plans so students will be responsible for the payment of services rendered unless they are enrolled in the Campus Care or Gold Plan).

Q: Does Wardenburg Campus Care cover immunizations?

A: Some immunizations may be covered if deemed medically necessary (e.g., a student is treated for an animal bite and needs a rabies vaccination, or a student is treated for a puncture wound and needs a tetanus shot).

Q: Will Campus Care members receive an insurance card?

A: No - because the plan only covers specific services at Wardenburg and is not an insurance plan, students only need their Buff OneCard when they come to Wardenburg for care.