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About the Health Board

Wardenburg's Student Health Board provides input with regards to Wardenburg’s budget and the university-sponsored student insurance benefits, as well as Wardenburg’s scope of service and policies. Our mission is to promote Wardenburg while serving the health needs and concerns of students. We are involved in all matters regarding student health insurance, indigent care, community health, and management of Wardenburg. We are dedicated to implementing programs that improve student health, both on and off campus!

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Any full fee-paying student, graduate or undergraduate, may become a member of the Wardenburg Student Health Board. Please use the online application or download the application here (PDF). Applications will only be accepted at the beginning of each semester and if there are vacant positions on the board.

Student Health Board group photo


  • Samantha Engel, Senior Co-Chair
  • Kate Todd, Junior Co-Chair
  • Brett Roskey, Technology Chair
  • Chelsea Cook, Finance Chair
  • Kathleen Peoples, Community Outreach Chair 
  • Maddie Edwards, Insurance Chair 
  • Ruby Smith, Liaison Chair 
  • Maddie Kahn, Secretary 
  • Ellyce Baldwin, Voting Member 
  • Sam Golon, Voting Member
  • Alison Lockhart, Voting Member 
  • Sarah Michaud, Voting Member