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New Students & Parents

Students moving inChecklist for New Students for spring 2015:

Checklist for Parents:

1. Prepare a first aid kit for minor injuries or illnesses. Include things such as:

  • Bandages and antibiotic ointment
  • Cold relief medications: cough drops, nasal spray, or vitamin C
  • Digital thermometer
  • Hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant
  • Over-the-counter pain reliever
  • Reusable cold pack

2. If your student has any chronic medical concerns, it is a good idea to have your primary care provider send Wardenburg a summary of care, needed interventions, any restrictions on activity, and medications used. Contact CU Disability Services if the concern involves a disability (303.492.8671).

It is important for your student to know about his or her own personal health, including:

  • Medications (doses, frequency, and why they are taken)
  • Allergies to medications and foods
  • Significant family medical history
  • Personal medical history

3. Prescription Insurance Information: We recommend that you bring your insurance information to our pharmacy located in Wardenburg Health Center. We will keep the information on file in case your student needs to fill a prescription while at CU-Boulder.

4. Pre-College Health Exam: While not required, this is a great chance to make sure that your student’s health history is current. It is also important for you, your student, and the clinician to review medical concerns that may affect your student’s school performance such as smoking, drinking, drug use, eating disorders, sexual history, and mental health concerns. Don’t forget to request a copy of the student’s immunization history, or bring the university’s immunization form to the appointment.

5. Sign up to recieve the Parent Perspective online health magazine: