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In Case of Emergency

  1. Call 9-1-1 for immediate emergency care.
  2. Medical Emergencies
    Boulder Community Foothills Hospital is the closest 24-hour emergency service.
    Location: Foothills Pkwy and Arapahoe (map)
    General Phone: 720-854-7000
  3. Mental Health Emergencies
    • If an immediate response is needed, call 911.
    • Boulder County Mental Health Department Crisis Line numbers: 303-447-1665 24-hour Crisis Line
    • Boulder Community Hospital Behavioral Health 303-441-0400 TLC Line
  4. Non-Emergency Care
    There are a number of urgent care clinics in the Boulder area. Please look in your Boulder phone book or contact your insurance carrier.  For a partial list of local urgent care clinics, see: What to do when we are closed>>

What is an "emergency"?

Most health insurance companies define a medical emergency as:

  1. sudden,
  2. unexpected, and
  3. posing an immediate threat to life, limb, or body function.

Use good judgement, and be aware that if the condition is not an emergency insurance may not cover a visit to the ER.  See above regarding seeking non-emergency care.

Note: Check with your insurance carrier to see how these services are covered. Payment may be your responsibility.