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Wardenburg Appointment Information

Most services at Wardenburg require an appointment except in urgent situations. The following chart provides appointment information by clinic.

Schedule an Appointment By Phone Online In Person
Medical Clinic (includes Allergy & Travel) 303-492-5432

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2nd floor
Women’s Health 303-492-2030

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3rd floor
Sports Medicine 303-492-6280 Massage & Acupuncture Only 1st floor
Psychological Health & Psychiatry 303-492-5654 ---- 1st floor
Nutrition Services 303-492-2030 ---- 3rd floor

*Some appointments are not available through online scheduling. If you are having trouble scheduling, please call the appointment number for the correct clinic.
Appointments must be canceled by 5PM the business day before your appointment by phone only. Missed appointments and late cancellations will result in a fee (see individual clinics for fee).