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Get Involved!

Want to get more involved with Community Health? Our program may be a great place for you to volunteer, intern, or work if you're interested in the following topics:

  • Public health
  • Social psychology
  • Health equity
  • Sociology
  • Medicine
  • Teaching

Volunteer Opportunities

Every fall Community Health recruits and accepts a small group of new volunteers for our team. Volunteers learn about the health issues that impact students’ academics and wellbeing, ways to effectively address those issues, and they get the opportunity to talk about these issues with their peers.

Through training and on-going education volunteers will have the opportunity to:

  • Provide brief chair massages;
  • Participate in topic focused groups;
  • Plan and host campus-wide awareness building events;

Volunteers are required to attend new staff orientation in September as well as weekly Monday meetings from 5:00 – 6:30 pm. In addition, students who commit to being a volunteer are expected to give about 20 hours per semester.

Interested in volunteering? Check back in the first few weeks of the fall semester.  We will have an application available then.

Internship Opportunities

Interns will have the same opportunities of involvement as volunteers as well as the ability to focus more intensively on a particular project or issue.  Interns will also be given more responsibility.  Through training and ongoing education interns can:

  • Participate in project/topic focused groups;
  • Attend and participate in additional trainings;
  • Learn about and help develop health communication materials (ie. videos, podcasts, bulletin boards, flyers);
  • Co-facilitate presentations about topics such as stress, sexual health, alcohol toxicity, body image, and reproductive health.

Interns are required to attend new staff orientation over a weekend in late September as well as weekly Monday meetings from 5:00 – 6:30 pm. Interns are also expected to commit to working about 50 - 60 hours per semester.

Interested in interning? We accept volunteer and intern applications in the fall, and paid student coordinator applications in the spring.  

Student Staff Opportunities

We typically recruit and hire student coordinators at the end of the spring semester when many of our student employees are getting ready to graduate. In this position, students gain valuable pre-professional experience.  They delve more deeply into the content areas of our program, grapple with issues that contribute to or detract from individuals’ health.  They also learn more about our theoretical approaches which include, bystander intervention, motivational interviewing, and stages of change.

Student Coordinators may get the opportunity to:

  • Help develop programming;
  • Plan, organize, and run events;
  • Collaborate with other departments;
  • Facilitate meetings with volunteers;
  • Create health communication materials;
  • Facilitate presentations with CU students.

Student Coordinators are required to attend weekly Monday night meetings from 5:00 – 6:30 pm and are expected to work 15 – 20 hours per week.

Interested in applying?  

We hire paid student coordinators at the end of each spring semester. If you are interested receiving an application when it becomes available next year, please email Alternatively, you can check back in early March for application information and deadlines.


With up to 50 volunteers and student coordinators and a busy schedule of presentations, campaigns, and events our work is made saner and smoother by employee scheduling software donated by ShiftPlanning.