Live Free Weekend

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What is Live Free Weekend?

The Live Free Weekend is a 96-hour sobriety challenge that provides a chance to step back and consider your relationship with alcohol and drugs. It is also an important opportunity for those living a sober lifestyle to affirm their choice and feel supported by the CU community.

To participate, you accept the challenge of no alcohol, marijuana, or recreational drug use for 96 hours. If abstinence is not your goal, we still hope you participate by signing the binge-free agreement - electing not to binge drink while abstaining from recreational drug use.

Why Take the Challenge?

This challenge to the university community is an invitation to assess lifestyle choices and challenge the notion that you have to alter your mind to have a good time.

Live Free Weekend provides the opportunity to:

  • Step back and explore your relationship with alcohol, marijuana and other drugs
  • Gain insight into your behaviors and learn about yourself
  • Discuss substance use and abuse across the CU community
  • Explore alternatives to drinking-centered activities
  • Give your body a break
  • Be part of the community
  • Support others who are taking the pledge and those who've chosen a sober lifestyle

How do I Participate?

Take the Challenge!

Take the Live Free Pledge
For those who elect to take the challenge and live alcohol, marijuana and recreational drug free for 96 straight hours. Or, if you are already living a sober lifestyle, select this option to affirm your choice.

Pledge as an Individual      Pledge as a Group

Sign the Binge Free Agreement
Agree to be binge-free while abstaining from recreational drug use. Binge drinking means heavy use of alcohol over a short period of time. Be binge-free by drinking four or fewer drinks a day. 

  Individual Agreement     Group Agreement

Check out the Events Calendar

Join us for an amazing weekend and connect with friends at a variety of substance-free events!

  Events Calendar

Join the Supportive Community

Groups Who Have Taken the Pledge:
Program Council, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa Alpha Theta, Gamma Phi Beta, Delta Gamma, Delta Delta Delta, Pi Beta Phi, CU Collegiate Recovery, Williams Village Residence Life Professional Staff, Residence Hall Association Board of Directors, and CAPS Staff

Presented by: Counseling and Psychiatric Services

Thank You to Our Sponsors:
The Brown Family, Center for Student Involvement, Community Health, CU Collegiate Recovery Center, CU International Film Series, Fiske Planetarium, Housing and Dining Services, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Panhellenic Council, Phoenix MultisportProgram Council, Recreation Center, Residence Hall Association, Sober Social Club, Student Government, Tango Club at CU, The Herd, UMC Connection, Volunteer Resource Center

If you feel you need help with issues of substance abuse, please contact Counseling and Psychiatric Services or stop by during our walk-in hours Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

If you use alcohol or drugs heavily, consult your health care provider before taking the challenge.