Select or Waive Coverage

Spring 2017 Insurance Enrollment

Insurance enrollment is now open for spring 2017 and will close on February 3, 2017. 

Continuing Students
If you would like to change your insurance selection, please complete the steps below before the deadline.

New Spring Students
You must be registered for six or more undergraduate credit hours or one or more graduate credit hours before you will be able to complete the insurance requirement.

Insurance Selection/Waiver Instructions

  1. Log in to MyCUInfo (
  2. Go to the Billing Information tab and click on Student Health Plans.
  3. Under “Term Information”, click on View my health insurance selections.
  4. Read the information and click Continue.
  5. Select a health plan or waive coverage then click Continue.
    Note: Selecting the Campus Care Supplement will remove the Gold Plan from your account.
  6. If you select Campus Care or waive all coverage, you’ll need to complete the required proof of health insurance fields, then click Save.
  7. The confirmation page will display your insurance selection or waiver.
  8. Print and keep for this page your records.

For step-by-step instructions click here.

    Health Coverage Options

    Students who are registered for six or more undergraduate credit hours or one graduate credit hour can select one of these options during the open enrollment period each semester.

If you already have health insurance but want basic coverage on campus, you can add the Campus Care Supplement for primary care coverage through Wardenburg Health Services for $175 per semester. Spring semester coverage goes through August 17, 2017.

    For plan details click here.

    If you don't have health insurance or want comprehensive coverage on campus, you can confirm your enrollment in the Gold Plan for $1,889.50. The Gold Plan provides coverage for Wardenburg Health Services as well as coverage locally and nationally.

    For plan details click here.

    If you already have health insurance and choose to waive the Campus Care Supplement and the Gold Plan, you can waive all coverage during the open enrollment period by providing proof of health insurance coverage. You can still access Wardenburg services though we will not bill your health insurance plan.

    Student insurance waivers will not be approved for the following types of insurance plans:

    • Short-term travel policies
    • Limited duration policies
    • Sickness-only and accident-only polices

    Gold Plan Selection/Waiver Policy

      To view our policy on the Gold Plan selection/waiver process click here.