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Mary Waller

Mary J. Waller, Ph.D., is Professor of Organizational Behavior and Schulich Research Fellow at the Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto. She holds a bachelorís degree in petroleum land management (U. of Oklahoma), a masterís degree in management science (U. of Colorado), and a Ph.D. in organization science (U. of Texas at Austin). Before beginning her graduate studies, Mary worked in the petroleum, aviation, and software industries -- experience that has helped motivate her subsequent 20-year program of research in crisis team dynamics. Her research includes studies of hospital trauma teams, military teams, nuclear power plant control crews, aviation crews, seaport crisis management teams, mine rescue teams, and other similar teams that must quickly and accurately adapt to critical, unpredictable situations. Her published research appears in management and psychology academic journals; additionally, Mary currently holds an elected position on the Board of Governors of the Academy of Management. She teaches graduate-level courses and workshops in Managing Team Dynamics and in Crisis Management, and has served as a consultant for a variety of organizations including NASA/Johnson Space Center, Dominion Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and Childrenís National Medical Center. Mary is currently developing a compilation of her work for a book to be published by Stanford University Press in 2016.

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Lessons Lost Following Catastrophic Events