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George Sullivan

George Sullivan is the Director of Individual and Community Preparedness and Resilience and Deputy Regional Disaster Officer with the American Red Cross Colorado and Wyoming Region. He is responsible for the creation, design and direction of preparedness and readiness programing and service delivery in both states, accountable for the organization's regional disaster readiness capacity framework and process design at the national level. He and his team are creating, designing and directing the execution of Whole Community Preparedness and Resilience service delivery programs for a population of over 5 million residents.

He has over 20 years of Private Sector management experience where he was responsible for emergency response, asset protection, and strategic life safety planning. He is currently on the leadership team of multiple National-level projects for community resilience and private sector preparedness programs, developing preparedness course curriculum and strategies to support those initiatives. George’s experience includes coordinating with public sector agencies and participating in strategic planning and inter-agency full-scale exercises, writing and reviewing Emergency Response Plans for private sector facilities, school campuses and faith based community centers. He is the Regional Continuity Planning Team Lead for the American Red Cross and Recovery Officer for all major disasters in the Region, including 2012 and 2013 Colorado Wildfires and 2013 Colorado Floods.

George has received two Honorable Mentions for FEMA’s Individual and Community Preparedness Awards. He is a Certified Instructor in a number of different subjects and is the author of American Red Cross courses on the subject of Preparedness.

Participating in session:

Public-Private Partnerships for Disaster Resilience: Challenges and Opportunities