Head Shot

David Lusk

David Lusk, Senior Manager Global Operations Control, (Command and Control organization for FedEx Express worldwide operations) has been with FedEx since 1989. Dave’s current responsibilities are command and control / flight dispatch of FedEx U.S. operations, Global Operations Control crisis contingency planning, response and event management for FedEx Express and the FedEx Corporate Enterprise.

Dave began his airline operations control career at Flying Tigers in 1981 as an aircraft dispatcher / operations control specialist and came to FedEx through the acquisition and merger of Flying Tigers into FedEx in 1989. Dave has over 40 years of experience in aviation strategic and tactical operations from U.S. Navy and FAA Air Traffic Control to air cargo and express operations, command & control and disaster planning, response and event management.

He has managed FedEx response to many domestic and international events: 1985 Ethiopia Famine, 9-11, Katrina, Sandy, 2004 Banda Aceh quake, 2010 Iceland Volcano and closure of EU airspace, Haiti, Chengdu, Great Northeastern Japan earthquake, tornado outbreaks, the San Diego “Cedar Fire” in 2004 and Colorado Springs Waldo Canyon and Black Forest Fires. Dave earned his BS in Aeronautics from Embry Riddle and Master of Business Administration from The University of Tennessee. Dave serves as a private sector (FedEx) representative with TEMA (Tennessee Emergency Management Agency), CUSEC (Central United States Earthquake Consortium). He represents FedEx in the FEMA Private – Public Sector Partnership for Resiliency.

Participating in session:

Public-Private Partnerships for Disaster Resilience: Challenges and Opportunities

What If? Scenarios for Disaster Management and Recovery